Simple Options for Making Your San Antonio Apartment Feel Bigger

Make Your San Antonio Apartment Feel Bigger

We don’t always have the luxury of living in a huge home, and sometimes we actively seek out small residences to save money. Fortunately, there are tons of simple methods you can employ to make your apartment “feel” bigger, even if it doesn’t actually become physically bigger.

These tips will help you when you live in a small San Antonio apartment, as well as when you eventually move into a single-family home with limited space.

Look Up When It Comes to Storage

Your storage options may feel limited in a small apartment, but you actually have a fair amount of freedom in storing items vertically. Consider purchasing cabinets or bookcases that have several shelves rather than just a few shelves that reach waist height. While you can always take a minimalist approach to your decor, vertical storage can give you the opportunity to hang on to your treasures, even if you don’t have a lot of room for them at the present time.

An author at The Simple Dollar suggests:

“Here’s the trick – that square footage extends from the floor to the ceiling, so why not take advantage of all of that space? Choose tall shelves that extend all the way to the ceiling instead of shorter shelves that only go up a little way. If you have a media cabinet, choose one with a bit less square footage on the floor but one that extends, again, to the ceiling (or close to it).”

If you live in a small yet luxurious apartment with high ceilings, you definitely have the opportunity to make use of all that extra space above your head. Take your time in finding the right furniture for your vertical storage and focus on finding pieces that will match your overall decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

It’s fine to have a few boxes sitting around your apartment for a few months until you find the pieces that are just right for your new home.

Store Unexpected Items on the Wall of Your San Antonio Apartment

Sometimes, an item that you might always expect to sit on the floor could find a better home on the wall of your small apartment. If you have a tiny bathroom (and you have the ability to make structure changes, or you own a home), this might mean a sink that hangs from the wall rather than sits on the floor. Sure, you might miss a little storage room under the sink, but the extra room for your feet may make the room feel a lot more spacious.

Another item you often find on the floor that works excellently on the wall is a bicycle. The Huffington Post reveals:

“Owning a bike is awesome unless it eats half of the space in your apartment. Investing in bike storage is also awesome unless it eats half of your paycheck. Good thing wood pallets exist and don’t mind being reused. Nail a wood pallet into a wall, nail two hooks into the pallet, and the result is one of the cheapest bike storage solutions for tiny apartments that you’ll ever find.”

Not only will putting your bicycle on the wall get it out of the way, but it will also serve as a nice decorative element in your apartment.

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