San Antonio Rental Prices for Apartments & Homes

San Antonio Rental Prices for Apartments & Homes

The city of San Antonio represents a historically meaningful and culturally diverse community in Texas, and its rental prices for homes and apartments are in the affordable range when compared to other cities in Texas, as well as when compared to other major metropolitan areas across the United States.

With the average rent for San Antonio residents sitting at $916 for all units, many residents don’t expect significant increases in rent due to the rather affordable 2% increase in average rent that San Antonio experienced from 2016 to 2017. According to Rent Cafe, the average size of an apartment in San Antonio is 850 sq. ft., which is a spacious size when compared to the average rental price across the city.

Comparing San Antonio Rental Prices to Other Metropolitan Areas

Texas is known as a business-friendly state that has experienced growth in certain industries like entertainment and technology, which have come to cities like San Antonio for affordable costs associated with conducting business. The influx of new businesses into San Antonio might have resulted in big increases in the average cost of rent, but such hasn’t been the case.

Over the past three years, the average price for an apartment has risen from an average of $820 in May of 2014 to an average of $916 in May of 2017. Although some neighborhoods throughout San Antonio have experienced greater growth in apartment prices, many of the neighborhoods throughout the city, such as Heritage, Olmos Park, and Trophy Ridge, have remained below $1,000 for average rent.

Comparatively, the city of Dallas has a higher average rent overall, as well as higher increases in year-over-year changes. The average rent in San Antonio for all units is $916, and that represents a 2% increase over rental averages seen in 2016. Meanwhile, the average rent in Dallas for all units is $1,076, and that’s a full 5% higher than the average seen in 2016.

Consider: Choosing the “best” city for relocation may require an investigation of multiple numbers, from rental averages to the year-over-year changes expected for future rent increases.

Choosing a House to Rent or an Apartment to Rent in San Antonio

If you’re moving to San Antonio with a family, one of the decisions you may need to make is whether to rent a single-family home or an apartment. Each type of residence offers a variety of benefits, and the price of each option will likely enter into your decision. Your decision may even need to include townhomes and condos, depending on where you want to live in San Antonio.

A quick search on real estate site Zillow reveals quite a variety in rental prices, from a cozy townhouse in central San Antonio for $560  month with one bedroom and one bath, to a large home in northern San Antonio for $7,500 a month with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Meanwhile, average rents for apartments tend to range from around $653 for a studio to $1,331 for a 3-bedroom apartment in San Antonio.

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