San Antonio Commutes and Your Apartment Choice

San Antonio Commute

Finding a new home with a short commute to your place of work can help you get the most out of each day. You can leave later and get home earlier, which can help you spend the most amount of time possible with your family, your pets, or on your personal hobbies and pursuits.

As with any large city in the United States, some residents in San Antonio must endure fairly long commutes with tens of thousands of other people on the roads. Understanding the commuting times of a particular city can help you decide where to live and whether to move to that city. Here are a few statistics about commutes in San Antonio.

When are the Busiest Times on the Roads in San Antonio?

According to Geo Stat, there are thousands and thousands of commuters who hit the roads each day, but the average length of time for commuters isn’t the highest in the nation. Statistics suggest the busiest time on the road occurs at 7:00 AM to 7:29 AM when 96306 commuters hit the roads to get to school and work. That may sound like a lot of commuters, but the same time in Los Angeles sees a whopping 245,301 commuters on the road.

From 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM, when rush hour ends, commuter levels range from between 16,566 commuters to 68,712 commuters each half hour, except for 7:00 when that number jumps to nearly 100,000. Despite the fact that fewer commuters, overall, are on the roads in San Antonio versus a larger city like Los Angeles, there are actually quite a few residents in San Antonio with lengthier commutes than those seen in Los Angeles.

For example, many commuters have a long commute in Los Angeles of 30 to 34 minutes, but many more have commutes that range from a tidy five minutes up to around 20 minutes. In San Antonio, a similarly high number of residents have commutes of 30 to 34 minutes, as well as many commuters with commutes that range between 10 minutes to 24 minutes.

San Antonio is a Great Place to Live

Although San Antonio residents must endure long commutes in some circumstances, just like many other cities across the United States, the city does offer its residents many reasons to consider it a “best” place to live. According to U.S. News & World Report, San Antonio comes in at the 23rd spot in the “Best Places to Live” across the country.

“San Antonio features a cost of living that’s slightly lower than the national average. Home prices are less than the national average, while renters can secure a two-bedroom apartment for around $1,000 a month. Additionally, San Antonio residents pay slightly less for everyday expenses, such as food and health care, than those who live in other metro areas.”

While the average housing costs for residents in the United States was most recently measured at $211,704, the average cost for San Antonio residents was less at $185,457. Similarly, the average rent for San Antonio residents was less than the national average of $1,231 and was just $879.

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