Enjoying Less Expensive Utilities at Your San Antonio Apartment

Lowering San Antonio Apartment Utilities

The average apartment has an obscene number of little electronic devices, from multiple televisions, smart phones, and video console machines, to simple items like clocks. Changing the way you use these devices, as well as the other power-sucking items in your apartment can help you save a fierce amount of money on your monthly power bills.

Here are some tips for reducing the cost of your utilities each month in your San Antonio apartment.

Make Sure Your Gaming System Isn’t Eating Tons of Power

One of the most power-hungry devices in your apartment might be the video game console. Even if you don’t use it all the time for hours a day, it’s probably still using energy while it just sits, waiting for you to play.

The government’s Energy.gov site offers an excellent array of suggestions for using less power, and they even give tips for different types of console machines.

“The latest game consoles bring together many exciting new features, such as voice control, gesture recognition, connectivity, wireless controllers, and the ability to stream live Internet content. But many people may not realize that most of these new features draw power even when they are not using them. When all features are maximized, today’s game consoles can consume as much energy as all of the homes in the city of Houston, or the equivalent of the electricity delivered by four power plants.”

This advice is applicable to just about any electronic device you plug and is particularly important for anything that remains “on” in standby mode, even when you’re not using it. Look at your television or your BLU-ray player. Is a little red light illuminated even when the power to the device is shut off?

Use a power strip to cut power completely to your electronic devices that continue to suck energy out of the grid even when you’re not using them. This is doubly important when you leave on vacation. Don’t leave anything plugged in while you’re away unless it’s a safety device (like the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors).

Go the Extra Mile: Try LED Lights

Early LED light bulbs weren’t that reliable, and many early adopters of this lighting technology found that their bulbs weren’t lasting as long as their manufacturers advertised they should last. However, things have changed dramatically in the world of LED bulbs, and today’s lights are mountains more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They’re also better than the oft-touted CFL bulbs.

USA Today reveals that LEDs are becoming a popular option in today’s households:

“In 2009, fewer than 400,000 LED lights were in use in U.S. homes. But by 2014, there were more than 78 million LED lights installed.”

Even though LEDs are still more expensive than incandescent lights, their energy savings help offset that cost, and they also last years longer than traditional bulbs.

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